Sanford facilities are photographed for the purpose of highlighting the beauty of their architecture.  Summer is the preferred look, with green grass and leaves on trees.


For external views, ambient light should be used, preferably high-noon sun or cloudy skies for daytime and a dramatic dusk/dawn or clear dark sky for night shots. For internal views, ambient light or light created in a style that mimics natural ambient light should be used.


Low angle is used to showcase the hero look when possible.  Sweeping drone footage for aerials. Time lapses for construction or events.  The feeling is grand and heroic. Skies are bright blue with pops of color from trees and flowers included.


Skies are brightened, stars added to night sky, vibrancy is enhanced, sidewalk and pavement cracks removed, along with any other distracting elements. Building perspectives are straightened. HDR look is used for daylight images.

Photo Examples

Video Examples