Studio Work

Headshots/Provider Packages

Sanford portraits are for marketing purposes, award display, press release or speaking engagements. All photos taken on green-screen for CUTOUT files and have Sanford standard lighting.


Headshots are taken for any Sanford employee that requests them through Marketing. Sanford providers (CNP, NP, APP, PA, MD, DO) each receive a provider photo package that includes a headshot, a standing photo in dress clothes and a standing photo in a white lab coat.  Subject comes camera-ready and in business attire for all studio photos.


All headshots and provider packages are taken with a classic three-point lighting system, using a key/fill/hair light look. Shadows and highlights should be medium, without destroying skin or hair texture.


Headshots are taken from the waist up with the images templated into Sanford-standard MUG image template.  Standing photos are taken from the knee up with the subject in a variety of poses, facing camera right and camera left. Face should be directed towards the camera with shoulders straight and posture tall.


One headshot and one white lab coat photo are selected and each retouched for blemishes, hair flyaways, teeth whitening, etc. Editing is at the discretion of the photographer and the request of the photo subject.


Studio photos taken of Sanford champion-type figures for marketing purposes. Photos are taken on a bright white background or green screen, depending on end use.


Subjects arrive camera-ready with attire dictated by stakeholders according to the type of shoot.


Variety of camera angles should be used, from full body to close-up shots. Posing should be fun and lively with the subject feeling natural and at ease. Subject should be captured facing camera-right, camera-left and straight on.


Stylized studio light that may range from even lighting to highly dramatic with the use of cucoloris, snoots, beauty dishes, etc.

Photo Examples

Video Examples