Sanford Heart

Heart Brand Color: Accent

The Heart accent color complements the Sanford Health primary colors. This color should be used as an accent color only, not a primary color. 

485 Red

Pantone 485 C

C: 0 M: 95 Y: 100 K: 0
R: 218 G: 41 B: 28

Sanford Health Brand Texture: Primary 

The upward movement of the texture represents the visionary thinking and aspirations of the Sanford Health organization. 

Sanford Heath Brand: Gradient

The Heart gradient palette can be blended with the primary colors. When using the gradient, make sure to select “Multiply” in the Effects palette and use the Gradient Build settings below.

Sanford Health Gradient Primary

Gradient Build

Sanford Health Gradient Settings

Sanford Heart Wordmark

The Sanford Heart mark is made up of two components: the Sanford wordmark and the Heart descriptor. These two components are always placed in a fixed vertical relationship and should never be altered, modified or recreated in any way.

Contact your Marketing representative to acquire a print-ready wordmark.
Sanford Heart Logo 2 Color
Two-Color Version
Sanford Heart Logo 1 Color
One-Color Version
Sanford Heart Logo Black
Black Version
Sanford Heart Logo White
White Version