Internal and Public Events

Event photography and video capture the feel and moments of an event including speakers, crowds, awards, food, decoration and signage, and candid and posed groups.  The purpose is often to document a historical event, showing that the event was well-attended and enjoyed.


Ranges from Sanford facilities to public spaces to privately-owned facilities. May include visuals of room set-up and decor before guests arrive.


Mainly ambient light, but flash may be used for still photography where high-quality images are needed and where a high ISO would result in grainy photos.


For video, use hand-held or tripod-mounted set-up with little movement. For photos, wide, medium and close-up images are taken with multiple angles and a variety of images of speakers.


Natural sound is captured during filming with high-quality audio captured off-speaker mic when applicable. Brief on-camera interviews may be taken with event participants.


Little to no post work is done, visuals are candid.

Photo booths/meet & greets

Event photography may include a photo booth area or a meet & greet during the event. Lighting is typically one to two strobes or continuous light to illuminate the scene and subjects with fewer shadows. Subjects are camera-aware and photographed with big happy smiles. Images are medium or head-to-toe, depending on if the event is fancy dress or an everyday look.

Photo Examples