Patient Stories

Video and still images of patients telling their health story with a focus of how Sanford has played a role in getting them back to health and well-being. Format is typically on-camera interviews with patient and provider, and B-roll of a clinic check-up or the patient doing a well-loved activity.


Sanford clinic setting, patient home or community setting


Ambient light or created light done in a style that mimics natural ambient light


Actual patients and providers are used with hair and make-up done before arriving on set in a natural, everyday look. Wardrobe is solid colors or simple patterns, non-branded, with an everyday look. Providers may be in white coat, depending on service line.


For video, multiple cameras may be used during interview and B-roll along with a slider or hand-held camera for added movement. For photos, medium-length and close-up portraits are taken of patient, both camera aware and looking off camera. Candid wide, medium and close-up photos taken during B-roll activity.


Natural sound is captured during filming; with voice-over or on-camera lines recorded for post-production editing.


Toning is natural and realistic with medium contrast. Images are Photoshopped to remove distracting elements. Music track is upbeat and inspirational, sometimes driving, depending on the content. Music and complementary graphics align with the look and feel of the video; they also take into consideration the overall strategy of the project including, but not limited to, digital strategy and where the final video will live. The editor will also collaborate with designers for cohesive execution on campaign pieces.

Photo Examples

Video Examples